endboss projects is a projectforge located in Hanover/Germany. Founded in 2013, it was their goal right from the beginning not to commit themselves to an industry or a specific topic. A touch of madness, as they say, a pinch of chaos and the constant exploration and transgression of physical and psychological, spatial and temporal boundaries are always an important part of the collective work. So far, they have implemented international participation projects for the construction of skateboard facilities in India and Bolivia, installed a construction site inside a double-decker Bus and moved it all around Europe, developed a 3,000 m² industrial wasteland in Hanover with innovativ and temporary Projects, constructed a temporary retirement home together with senior Citizens and founded their own co-working space. Sometimes they also publish erotic short stories.


Creativity means for them to go into unsafe terrain, to explore and master it; the unpredictable and unplannable is what drives them.

“We want more people to do exactly what they want to do.“


Blaue Zone - A Cultural Camp for Elderly People

Client: Pavillion Hannover
Year: 2017
Place: Central Hanover, Germany
Partner+friends: kRATAFAJAN Collective, Innsbruck

Blaue Zone

We got commissioned to design and construct a temporary structure to host a two weeks culture camp in the center of our hometown Hanover. The aim of the „Die blaue Zone“ camp was to give people at the age over 55 a platform to discuss topics like money, housing, sex, politics, body, etc. in connection with retirement.

Our decision was once again to go all-in on all levels! And therefore did we not only design and construct the camp together with the future visitors and workshop participants together on side, we also gave a workshop to empower them to form an organization to represent their interest on a political stage.


We started an open call to all participants of the camp to come and help us design and build the camp, then ordered 20 cubic meter of different kinds of wood, 20.000 screws, a lot of tools and hired a cook to make lunch and dinner everyday. Luckily our friends from Austria - the architectural collective „Kratafajan“ - came to support us too.

During the next three weeks, more and more people showed up every day. Some came from dusk till dawn, bringing in their different talents, own tools and ideas and so the camp grew and became what it was - step by step. Sometimes there were 40 people on the construction site at the same time. A lot of friendships have been made in these days!

When we announced our workshop title: „Lets discuss ways of living 65+“, more then 80 People showed up! We’ve been overwhelmed by the apparent urgency and importance of the topic among elderly, so we decided to dedicate the following two weeks in helping them to create a movement and a lobby to have a voice.

Within the next two weeks the group, consisting of individuals who didn’t know each other before, wrote a manifesto with ten theses and then managed to get a member of the parliament to come in for a discussion. Most of the participants have never been on a stage before, in their entire life - nevertheless they did a kickass presentation!! Further, they created a solid and detailed vision for a multigenerational housing project, which they presented and discussed via Skype with the CEO of a major foundation. The first stone is laid.

All this gave them enough confidence so that they now still meet every 14 days, acting as the main contact for all issues regarding housing projects with older people in Hanover. Eventually some of them will form residential communities together.



Learning Journey / Expedition for the PHASE XI Project

Client: Competence Center Cultural and Creative Industries of the Federation Germany
Year: 2017
Place: Hamburg, Hannover, Münster, Heidelberg, Berlin, Mainz, Hassloch /Germany


“We went on a journey. An expedition across Germany and across current topics from business, politics and society. Within the framework of a total of three learning journeys of the PHASE XI project, 8 IdeenLabs are presenting their interim results in the form of a shoulder glance for the first time. About data-telling, regional identity, mobility of tomorrow, test market analyzes.“

Endboss provided the Bus as a moving meeting and presentation place.

Phase XI Project


SPOTdelivery - The Tour Dreams Are Made Of

everybody on Board
Year: 2015
Client: Levi Strauss Europe
Places: Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark
Partners+friends: 2er Skate, ALM DIY, Proper Skateparks, Chill Skateshop Zagreb, CPHpro Copenhagen, Yamato Living Ramps

the bus

The beauty of skateboarding does not solely lie in battling tricks and overcoming your personal fears, it´s also the traveling, the people you meet and the things you experience and create along the road, on and off your board.
In order to connect different DIY crews throughout Europe and to support skateboarding at its very core, we got ourselves a double-decker bus from ´79, stuffed it with tools, material and people and went on an adventure through eight European countries. Instead of supporting a chosen few of very talented skateboarders, we opened the beauty of traveling to each and anybody, who was willing to get their hands dirty. At each stop we have build a few new spots, taught the locals how to build ramps themselves and skated the new parks, only to leave next morning and do the same thing again in another country. People tagged along for a stop or two or stayed for the whole tour altogether, all while sleeping, eating and living on the road.
After about 4.300 km the tour ended in Copenhagen, where the remaining few have build the spot of the 2015 Copenhagen Open finals, an international competition for the world´s best skateboarders.

endboss was responsible for the project concept and its execution, including media and output coordination.

Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/139912923

Solo Magazine edit: http://www.soloskatemag.com/levis-spot-delivery-tour-solo-edit/


PLATZprojekt - Space for the Unconventional

Client: Self initiated
Year: since 2013 ongoing
Place: Hanover, Germany
Partner: City of Hanover, University of Hanover - Faculty of Architecture and Landscape Sciences


The PLATZprojekt is a young, self-organized area based on the use of an abandoned industrial yard with shipping containers and other temporary structures. Its main focus is to provide a base and organizational structure for young organizations to be tried out and therefore to create a direct link to the current necessities for urban development within Hanover. As there is no bigger entity to decide which new project will be located at PLATZprojekt, except for the existing actors, it is based on direct participation and empowerment. The PLATZprojekt cannot be a direct competitor to existing spaces in the city, therefore it will provide it´s space and support only to organizations that would not have been started when faced with regular rent and bureaucratic barriers. Very few restrictions for new projects to be located at PLATZprojekt were agreed upon: No highly political projects of any - left or right - extreme and no housing spaces due to regulations of the designated area.

The project was financed from the „Jugend.Stadt.Labor“ (german for youth city laboratory) program of the Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development, which is limited on three years and ended in 2016. The funds provided were used for the project infrastructure: setting up energy supply, common room (indoor and outdoor), bathrooms and consulting for certain contracts and tax reports. Also, several containers were bought and handed out in a first movement of promoting the newly founded project. Fortunately, the owner agreed to have the land used for free for our project.

So far, the organization of PLATZproject is taken care of by its own projects and their actors, with temporary support from the city of Hanover, endboss projects and overall consult by german based agency Urban Catalyst, that are responsible for the above mentioned program. The organizational structure grew from a first thought „Do-ocracy“ to a dozen smaller „task forces“ of a hand full of people each, that are taking care of certain areas of the organization, such as PR, event organization or garbage disposal. These task forces report to everyone else at odd times.





Buildersjam - Higher than Life

Year: 2013
Client: Levi Strauss America
Place: La Paz, Bolivia
Partner+friends: DIY Crews from all over the Planet

the skatepark

As the worlds biggest project of its kind, La Paz lifted the idea of a Builders´ Jam on a whole new level. A gathering of 110 volunteers from 16 different countries ended in building one of the biggest skateparks of South America over the course of only 3 1/2 weeks, without having a design of the Skatepark - everybody was free to build whatever they wanted. What sounds like total chaos and sentenced failure, became one of the best and complex skatepark designs on the continent.

At 3800 meters above sea level people worked and lived on site in makeshift huts build prior to the event. In order to feed all those people we built a temporary kitchen for up to 5 cooks living on-site, catering the people day and night. In cooperation with the city of La Paz and the German embassy, along NGOs Soforthilfe La Paz and MakeLifeSkateLife and with the financial help of Levi Strauss we have not only build the 2.200 square meter skate park, but also a house that does now serve as a skate school and free-of-charge rentals supplier for the under privileged. All skate supply was gathered in Germany from various shops throughout the country.

endboss was responsible for the project concept and its execution.

Vimeo Documentary:

Making of:



India’s first public skatepark

Year: 2012
Client: Levi Strauss America
Partner+Friends: Holystoked Collective Bangalore, Make Life Skate Life, 2er Skate, Betonhausen

the skatepark

In 2012, endboss projects and Make Life Skate Life initiated the construction of the Holystoked Skatepark, India’s first free of charge public skatepark. The focus of the project was to share the art of skatepark construction with Bangalore based skateboarding collective, Holystoked. Since completion of the project, Holystoked has completed over a dozen skatepark projects of their own around the country, helping to make skateboarding accessible to thousands of Indian youth. 400 skateboards where shipped to India to support the growing of the skateboarding scene and to establish a running skateboard school where under privileged kids can borrow skateboarding equipment and do their homework.




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